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Thread: Film scanning problem

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    Default Film scanning problem

    Fuji Superia 100 scanned at 16 base hi-res jpeg (3360x2240) @ Liang Court Photo Lab. (Thanks to Uncle Owen)
    SP AF 28-75mm f2.8 Tamron XR Di
    Nikon F80

    Can someone advise why the picture turns up so grainy despite using slow film and under sunny condition? Is it the normal effects of film scanning or should I just stick to only prints from film? Or is it my lens problem? Or DX problem? Or bad film?

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    generally most film scanners have some form of sharpening. The grain is due to the sharpening. You could try the Despeckle function in PS, it seems to work surprisingly well in removing the grain caused by scanner sharpening
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