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Thread: Lens right wrong what???

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    Question Lens right wrong what???

    Argh, okay I am an "amateur" photographer with a so-so low end SLR (not that I don't know what I'm doing just I have a low nearly nil) its a Minolta maxxium htsi plus and I want to purchase a decent macro or telephoto lens or both if the cost wouldn't kill me. I have a quantaray 70-300mm zoom/macro af lens I just bought and I'm wondering if it was even worth it( I do not use my autofocus I set everything manually)..I keep hearing how "horrible" zoom lens are... is it really such a big sin to use a zoom? (and no this is not for snap shots) I am working in 8x10 and want a decent quality for a decent cost ( I paid 219 for the lens) I have 30 days to return the lens if I want so I wanted "quick" input on this (btw I cant afford to spend much more than that 250 total I paid for this lens) I cant help that I don't have a huge amount to spend but I don't want my photos to have to suffer because of my "poverty" (the original lens on the Minolta was a 35mm-80 af zoom) also this camera is used for photography by my husband who is a big fan of "long" shots while i like macro work (thus why the telephoto and macro)



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    Hi Kat,

    I can understand your dillema and given the situation you face probably the best solution would be do knock out a quick test roll and print up some 8x10 prints and see if you like the results from the lens. Use different apertures and focal lengths and print several example shots from the roll. If they look good to you then all is fine in the world. Having the film scanned on a photo CD at the lab so you can use your computer to look at the lens performance over all photos is also highly recommended.

    The zoom versus prime debate is an old one that goes back at least 25 years and has never really been resolved to anyone's complete satisfaction.
    The truth is that some of the professional grade zoom lenes are as good or better than most fixed focal length primes, while most consumer zoom lenses aren't as good as primes in overall performance. However, a zoom lens will often offer a better price to performance ratio.

    A special note to other posters: READ KAT's specific criteria before wading in with lens suggestions folks, she's on a budget and we all should respect this, so no suggestions for multi thousand dollar lenses.
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    *L* yeah i drool over them and get the glass all slobbery but thats the best i can do for now...

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    Heh Ian, good thing you put the disclaimer, I can imagine the number of really bad suggestions otherwise.

    Kat: You're from US, right? Judging from the product models you mentioned (tries to remember what the heck is a Maxxum HTSI around here). As Ian suggested, try using the lens first and see the results; at least you have a 30 day refund policy, here, you're pretty much screwed once you've bought the dang stuff...

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    Originally posted by YSLee

    Kat: You're from US, right? Judging from the product models you mentioned (tries to remember what the heck is a Maxxum HTSI around here).
    it is either the Dynax 505si or Dynax 505si Super.

    Kittenmoo, I owned that 70-300mm before, it is not bad at all from the price I pay. try shooting a few roll without filter.
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