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Thread: Any good guide books to beijing?

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    Default Need some tips on travelling from Shanghai to Beijing

    Hi guys, I will be travelling to beijing from shanghai by train, my first adventure alone! I am looking forward to it, can any experienced travellers tell me which train is the best frm Shanghai to Beijing? Thnks.

    Hi guys, I'm going to beijing next week. Looking for a great guide book for places to go too. Between lonely planet series or Insiders Guide which is better? Do let me know ur opinions. If any of you want to let go of any guides to beijing, please PM me too, thnks. Getting a guide is a must, just which is a question. Thanks.
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    none of the guide book written and published by the westerners for china are great ... most of them come with with typical western prejudices for the chinese.
    backpacking is very pop among the chinese youngsters, there are many good chinese backpacker guidebooks in the market too, can try. if u r non-mandrain reader, then try the discovery or insiders guide would be ok.


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