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Thread: Impressive name card

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    Quote Originally Posted by An drew View Post
    You must be of the loyal old school. Now the minimum to feel good must be Assistant Vice-President.
    Yeah, I struggle to figure out what is asst Vice President. Assistant and vice not the same? Then one day we need assistant senior vice deputy president. Haha.

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    Default Re: Impressive name card

    Obviously Chen Guangbioa is not prominent. (as compared to say, ex PM Wen Jiabao). Thus the need for self-promotion and attention grabbing antics to get more visibility on news media. Especially on TV. It explains his self-aggrandisement titles on the name card. Actually he is not aware that such a name card shames the owner.

    Distributing US$100 bills to tissue lady and cleaners on TV is not a sign of humility.

    But whatever it is, as long as he is doing a little bit of good says 2% together with the other 98% of self serving public relations boastfulness; the public will tolerate it.
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