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    does anyone know where i can find photographers who can recreate the old shanghai look in the background?

    There is one in clark quay but clarke quay is now under reno. Anyone knows how i can contact that photographer or any other similar photographer??

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    I would strongly suggest you think out of the box ...

    and look for a DI expert. There are a few here in CS.

    It would probably cost you far less and incurr much less stress for all parties.

    However, if you really want to find out about the deaf photographer that so spledidly 're-creates' period settings, you could try getting in touch with either the the management of Clark Quay or if that leads you nowhere, the property or tenent management agent(s) involved. I know ... these things can get quite complicated ...

    All the best, and if you every get in touch with that deaf photographer, please convey my smile and well wishes - I have long admired his tenacity to survive despite the odds.


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