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    Hello Seniors..

    I just sorta took my dad's old Nikon D3000 and found out that there's fungus inside when I remove the lens. Other than the Nikon service centres, is there any other place I can bring it to get it serviced? Is it safe? The eyepiece cap is also falling apart. Yeah my dad has been a little careless with I guess

    Also, I would like to get a 50mm f1.8 prime lens for it, are there any recommendations on which one to get. I'm kinda lost on that...and if so where should I get one from?

    Thank you for patiently reading and answering my questions. Appreciate it, in advance

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    You can try Fatigue (our resident repairman), Camera hospital or PG Camera.

    As for which 50mm f1.8 to get, I would recommend the Nikon native one, however since D3000 didn't have build in motor, I am not sure if the Nikon one will work (AF wise). You could go down to the shop and test.

    Secondly, look at our recommended stores, the following is a few that I can remember,

    1) John 3:16 (Funan)
    2) Click! (Funan)
    3) TK foto (Funan)
    4) SLR Revo (Funan)
    5) Orient Photo (Sim Lim Square)
    6) Cathay Photo (Penisula Singapore)
    7) MScolor (Ang Mo Kio)
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    Thank you rhino123. Your help is greatly appreciated

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    You will need the 50mm f1.8 G lens in order to have AF function on your D3000 OR get the 35mm f1.8 G DX, a good choice for DX cams.
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    Thank you wakaowalao

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    +1 for the AF-S 35mm 1.8G DX = cheap and good

    i have the 50mm and find that it's a little bit too "near" for normal use = party, gatherings, outings type of stuff ...

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    Yeah! I figured it was a little too close!!! Thank you


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