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Thread: need help on my lens.

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    Default need help on my lens.

    hi guys, i wanted to sell my camera and lens, just today, i met with a buyer, he said my lens has fungus inside, and cancelled the deal.
    i went home, cleaned it and inspect it, i couldnt find any traces of fungus though. took a snap shot of a white wall using my lens, no black dots or whatsoever.
    mayb my eyes is not that good looking out for fungus inside the lens itself. Thinking of sending it to tamron service ctr, but i am quite convinced that there are no fungus inside the lens.
    is there any bros who is knowledgeable enuff that can help me inspect the lens to double confirm about the status of the lens? if rly there is fungus inside, i will send it to the service centre.
    i can travel and bring the lens to your place of convenience. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Have you tried shining a torchlight through the lens? You'll start seeing some forms of patterns in the lens(fungus), dust will be common in lenses. Hope it helps!

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    Default Re: need help on my lens.

    Use a torch light and shine through the lens. Dust will appear as normal dots, either white or sometimes black. Leave it alone, dust is common and will return after every cleaning. Dust is no good reason to cancel a deal (unless it's forming colonies), fungus is.
    Fungus will initially appear as whitish dots or specs with fuzzy borders, later is grows in all directions with a spider web like pattern and "furry" surface. Google for it, there are plenty of example images.
    Last but not least, do consider that your lens is fine but you simply came across some fussy buyer who expected a lens as clean as fresh from the box. Do describe your lens correctly as not to create wrong expectations.

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