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Thread: D7000 AF fine tune

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    Hi Dear All

    I recently found my D7000 will get most sharpness picture with all my lens only when AF fine tune -20 been set. Is this normal ?

    I also find the live view AF is alway better than viewfinder AF. I don't know why. Is this expected or mal-function?

    Please kindly give advice

    Thanks !

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    Follow this thread and your queries will be answered ^^

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    AF fine tuning up to -20 is already to the extreme max. You may want to send you camera and lens down to NSC to get it checked and recalibrated. BF for D7k is very common to me as well. -20 (far zoom)/ -12 (near zoom) for my Sigma, and -12 for my Nikkor 24-70mm. If I were to end up with a lens worse than my Sigma, then I'm stucked! Lol!

    oh! And also, the bf of these lens on my D600 is significantly less, about half or less.
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