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Thread: With Steve Job's coup de'grace...

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    if Mac using Intel chip, does it mean that next time we can run Windows apps on Mac without emulator ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazerLordz
    Well, I just switched and I feel that sometimes, you rather have a good machine that you need not worry about too much as long as you get the job done.

    My preferred combi would be a PC desktop and a Mac Ibook or PowerBook.
    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Yeo
    I agreed with u.

    why must restrict ourselves to Mac or PC right? combined power the best.
    What can I say? Not everyone can afford this kind of setup. I struggled and saved for four years before I got my first Mac for $4000 more than 10years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hommie
    I have, ten years of experience from my first LC II to PowerPC Centris 90mhz to G4. My usages from Photoshop ver 2 on the Mac all the way to Final Cut Pro4. My first computer is a Mac.

    Nizz, have you ever try seting up a computer from scratch? Doesn't sound like you have, but my sincere apologies if you have. Cause I have been doing it for at least as long as I have been using Mac. Have you enjoyed the sound of handbuilt computer booting up?? Its like your own baby.
    My first encounter of Apple was a bunch of LCII, Mac Classic, Motorola chips series. My first impression and hands on networking group of these computer was as simple as plug in RJ11 telephone line to the dongle, oh ya, that was called Apple share IIRC.
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    Most PC enthusiasts get the satisfaction from solving problems & achieving their goals in pushing their hardware to the limit...It doesn't bother them at all as they see these as a challenge.

    I'm a bit of both, like most PC heads, I like to built my own PC as I can add whichever components when I feel like it. Granted, sometimes its frustrating tat u have to keep on troubleshooting & keep an eye on alien files infiltrating ur windows. Until PS3 released next year, I'll still use PC for gaming so I won't switch to Mac totally.

    On the other hand, I use PM G5 for all my professional work. Somehow I feel using Mac may prolong ur life...No losing temper, no head banging...Just calm & focus...
    I've started using Mac from Apple IIgs back in my uni days and i've fallen in love with 'em ever since...

    IMHO, Intel or not, it still has the spirit of Mac...tat's the only thing tat matter...I'm sure SJ will do watever it takes to keep cheap Mac clones away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by henavs
    IMHO, Intel or not, it still has the spirit of Mac...tat's the only thing tat matter
    Precisely. Which is why I am absolutely bemused by all the ruckus amongst users and media alike. I suppose the media just want something to make noise about.

    Macs will still look like Apples whatever they are powered with...........................

    For that matter, most Mac users don't even look under the hood anyway.

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    Here's an opinion from the Wall Street Journal:

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    Quote Originally Posted by idor
    Hmmm can we see Mac Clone anytime soon?
    There were a few at one point, but then Apple decided that they really wanted to be a hardware company as well as a software one again and the licences were revoked.

    A modern Mac is 90% identical to a PC anyway. Once you get past the PPC chip and it's bus controller, it's identical to every WinTel PC.
    They have PCI slots, DDR RAM, S-ATA and P-ATA disk drives.. The 'bridge chips' that drive all this can be found in any number of WinTel PCs..

    Apple are just a desktop PC manufacture who have managed to sucessfully bundle their own operating system with the hardware.
    Others have tried to bundle non MicroSoft operating systems in the past and have failed.

    It's a risky move for Apple certainly. OSX is a sloth. Now it will be up against Windows head to head. Better hope that Windows LongHorn more of a sloth.

    If you want a blinding fast Apple server, the best way is to boot PPC linux on it, not OSX :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hommie
    Quotes from Cnet:

    In his speech, Jobs revealed that Apple has been developing all versions of OS X since its inception to run on Intel and PowerPC chips.

    "Mac OS X has been leading a secret double life the past five years," he said.
    This is revisionism at best.

    'Darwin' the core under neath the gloss as been available for download and use on Intel machines since before OSX was released. That Apple had been maintaining cross platform compatablity in their OS core since day one meant this was always going to be an option.
    Hardly secret for those who wanted to look.

    Apple just carefully seperated their GUI part of OSX from Darwin, and people of course speculated on the cross platformablity of this part, but if you are already ensuring your OS core works on anything, why not the rest ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Yeo
    if Mac using Intel chip, does it mean that next time we can run Windows apps on Mac without emulator ?
    If you boot Windows on your Mac yes.

    Otherwise you still need some sort of emulator, as MacOSX and Windows are completely different.

    My home PC run's Linux on a standard shuttle PC. I can't run Windows applications on it 'just like that', I need a Windows emulator.

    However unlike VPC on a Mac, 'WINE' doesn't emulate an entire PC on which you run Windows, it emulates Windows directly.

    I assume some one will do the same for the x86 Macs. They will do a Windows emulator (instead of a "PC emulator").

    The only thing is that with a Windows emulator you won't need a Microsoft Windows licences to run Windows applications. A certain large software company might not like that idea....
    With VPC on the Mac currently, they get to sell you a copy of Windows as well....

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