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    Hi, i Have a couple old digital cameras which are still working. More than 3 years old. Wonder what to do with it? Donate to charity? Sell it off, but to who? Wonder who has any ideas. Thanks.

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    Sell at b&s forum.. sure got pple wack...

    Provided lenses still good condition...etc..
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    There are charities that teach young kids photography. Organisations like "Kids with Cameras" that bring some photographic joy to underprivileged kids in Calcutta.

    You could look around and give these kids a camera. I think its great to share a hobby and perhaps even help someone start a career.

    I think it may be more beneficial and meaningful for me to do so, than if i got a $100 from selling my old cam and spend on food or another gadget.

    Cheers mate!

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    If you need money, sell it off in BnS for a reasonable price and keep it. If not, donate the money


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