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    I need to take potraits for school, but I do not have any external flash. Can someone offer some cheap solutions for lighting? I'm thinking of pointing normal light blubs against umberllas, will that work?

    Equiepment: F707

    Better yet, if you can lend/loan me some equiepment, that would be great!


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    You'll need a damn sight more than household bulbs if using brollies.

    To get a 1/125th at f8 you will require several killowats of lighting per brolly.

    For static product shooting I use 2kW "blondes" per brolly.
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    Does that mean I'm screwed??

    What about direct shine? Behind tracing paper / the like?

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    Here is a tip for you:

    1. Clothes Hanger with wheels ($15) - get it from furniture shops
    2. Light stand or tripod
    3. Florescent tube
    4. Tracing Paper
    5. Foam Board
    6. 3 pin electrical extension chord

    The light weight clothes hanger can be bought from furniture
    outlets. Wrap tracing paper around it to make it into a light panel.

    Mount a lighted florescent tube and placed it
    behind the hanger and instantly you have difused lighting from the panel.
    You can mount the flo tube on a light stand or a
    tripod and move it close to the hanger.

    Move the light panel accordingly towards your subject.
    Your subject will have to sit on a chair for you.
    You can sit subject against a white wall or use background
    paper as backdrop.

    For fill-in use foarm boards.

    This set up can be used for repro work as
    well as fashion and portraiture studies.
    Hope this work for you. Happy shooting.

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