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    Default eat cheap TT and LHL should put on a show at our hawker center too. So that more would be built. LOL

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    Others responded with scepticism, musing that the staff and other diners in the restaurant during Xi's visit were likely actors or bodyguards and that it was little more than a photo opportunity that said little about whether China's leaders were in touch with ordinary citizens.

    "Ask him how much it costs for a pound of steamed buns. Do you think he knows?" wrote one unimpressed user.

    "Not to mention the president, but have you ever seen a county official buy their own buns?" wrote another.
    sounds a lot like Singaporeans too

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    Quote Originally Posted by kei1309 View Post
    sounds a lot like Singaporeans too
    Not yet. The stall hasn't put up charity drive yet.
    A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.
    ~Ansel Adams


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