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Yes, you can report to eBay, this has been done so many times, and they take it off eBay very fast, once people report it......I did it once, bid at an unbelievably high prize (1,000,000 USD), they took it off!
Yes, One can report to ebay. But in this case, I cannot see how a scam can be proven.

I believe guilt has to be proven.

But the point of being careful is most important.

But let me refer to a certain photography seller who often sell his photos at a starting price of USD 1.00! say for example an original Brett Weston print at USD 1.00! A scam? No highly reputable. I had followed some of these bids, and usually the final bids are very close to the expected price or even exceeded.

The reasons for starting at this low price? To save on ebay charges. And he knows, short of a freak (like our COE) buyers of such images know the value of these images.