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Thread: How to determine whether the car is a undercover POLICE car ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    Cars come in 15 million shapes and sizes. Old E200, EvoIX, etc.

    That's what most ppl (even in their NSF dayz) like to assume. Look age, look size assume officer = salute or call 'Sir'.

    When I went back for reservist, I noticed that sometimes ppl who are driving BMWs, Mercs, Jaguars oft get saluted and mistakened as such.

    Personally, as a RP before I do not hold dis tendency of saluting any Tom, Dick or Harry driving big cars. I look at their ranks and face before I stop. If its the CO without his rank, I wun even bother to salute him.

    there was once i was doing sentry...

    then S2 came along cycling.. the gate IC stop him and ask to see his 11B.. haha.. even a PTE like me can know him as S2... a 3SG dun know ??

    then the guard com immediately run out and greet him SIR and call the gate IC to open the gate..

    Stress Man @ work... :bigeyes:

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    Won't blinker defeat the purpose of doing undercover? Its like walking with a big exclamation point over your head. Just imagine hiding your money in a bag with dollar sign. Just wondering. Hehehe.

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