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Thread: Happy Christmass From little “Ya Ya” :)

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    Smile Happy Christmass From little “Ya Ya” :)

    I am sorry if my photo i post here don't have anything with portait, i always bring my little duck to shoot with model...
    maybe some of you guys know me, who bring duck to photoshoot and gives to model to shoot together...

    i just want to say merry Christmas to all clubsnap friends

    My little "Ya Ya" want to say Merry Christmas Everyone.... kwek!
    Happy Holiday and have ablissfull day kwek!




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    Default Re: Happy Christmass From little “Ya Ya” :)

    Sorry, but I think this post is more suitable to be placed in the Abstracts and Still Life category ?
    What a cute Santa Duck !

    Merry Christmas !!
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