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Thread: || 28th Dec || sim4nee photography outdoor model shoot

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    Default || 28th Dec || sim4nee photography outdoor model shoot

    Outdoor portrait/fashion.
    This thread is to gather response before confirming to shoot the beautiful Polish model Ola outdoor,

    Details as follow:
    Saturday, 30th Nov, 330pm to 600pm - location shoot with ambient light, giant reflector will be provided, speed light too if necessary.
    The fee is $135 for first timer and $120 for repeat participant. Require advance payment via bank transfer once confirmed.
    Venue: to be announced to confirm participant only.

    This shoots is suitable for advance amateur and above, but also open for anybody who are new in shooting model as I will be guiding you on the spot.

    If you're interested in this workshop please pm me at, email me at or text me at 96806036

    ps: the workshop and model can only be confirm when there are enough sign up so I would like to apologize to those who signed up but had to cancel before.

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    Default Re: || 28th Dec || sim4nee photography outdoor model shoot

    Sorry my mistake, it's 28th Dec


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