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Thread: Year end trip to Penang 2013

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    Default Year end trip to Penang 2013

    Hi everyone,
    just went penang for holiday and took some pics of the places and the food there.

    overall great trip with great company and food

    1st thing go there is eat already

    Store is Ah Soon Kor Hokkien Mee. one of the better ones around in penang

    Next went to hotel, check in rest a while and eat again.

    We went to eat nasi kandar. Kind of like nasi padang but it has a special ingredient in it that caused it to be banned in Singapore.

    This is one of the best Nasi Kandar in Penang

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    This store isn't for those who are careful about their food's hygiene as there are rats seen running around sometimes

    The man on the right sticking out his hand is the owner and he loves people taking photos of his place. He's waving to me to take photos

    Food's ready, There's fried chicken, fried fish, sotong and beef. really good

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    Scary fishhead

    here's a map for locating the store

    poor kitten

    Off we go visit some places. passed by a recommended cafe and decided to step in to have a look

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    Posted wrong thread..

    Forum->Photo Galleries->Land/City-scapes and Travel


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