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Thread: Canon A510, Kodak C340 or Panasonic LS1?

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    Default Canon A510, Kodak C340 or Panasonic LS1?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a camera at the S$400 price range and I've found these three models. I dig Canon's full manual controls (it's a plus, not exactly a need), 4X optical zoom and hi-res screen but it is lacking in resolution compared to the other two. The Kodak seems good for its 5 MP resolution but that's about all I can see in it - anyone care to share more about it? Panasonic's model's resolution falls in between and the Mega O.I.S. seems good, but would it really be useful for only 3X optical zoom? I'm not a professional photographer, and the fact is I don't do photography much, but I would like to have a good camera (within my budget of course) that not only performs well but looks well too (i.e. the design) when I need one by my side. Please help me decide, thanks!

    BTW, which gives me a bigger object: A 3.2 MP picture shot at 4X optical zoom, or a 4 MP picture shot at 3X optical zoom? Obvious references to the A510 and LS1...
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    If you are serious to improve your photography, I think Manual control is useful for you......

    But I am not sure if the Canon is good in quality or not, etc......
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