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Thread: Shoot SAIL-O-R MO-O-N =)

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    ahv...ur thread kana hijack...kekekeke

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    Quote Originally Posted by glensky
    ahv...ur thread kana hijack...kekekeke

    mind if you would introduce me to your video production house?

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    it seems that I did not do my video capturing well enough...

    The quality of the dvd video i made is not up to expectations. The picture quality is not that sharp and clear. Perhaps its because I used MPEG capture, then render into dvd.

    I am going to try out capture in "DV quality", then render into DVD. Hopefully the result will be substantially better than the current dvd video...

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    I recaptured again, this time using DV full quality capture. The video quality of the DV is 28800 Kbps compared to 8000 Mbps of the DVD last time. The video quality is substantially better now.

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    Correction: It's 8000 Kbps of the DVD and not 8000 Mbps.

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