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Thread: photoshop- post processing methods?

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    Default photoshop- post processing methods?

    Hi Guys,

    would like to learn from you about how to post process photos with photoshop, read about that basics are contrast, brightness adjustment, but all these can be achieved by using levels.. how about curve? does any certain shape of curve helps?

    I learn something like contrast mask, using a duplicate layer, to saturate, to invert and then make that layer blending mode 'overlay'.. that helps to bring out some details on the underexposure area..

    Got any experts care to share some tips.. or steps by steps tutorials to show..

    Thank you.

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    Do a search and you will find it. It has been posted many times. If not here then the internet.

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    Consider getting the book by Scott Kelby or Bruce Frasier .. pretty good stuff there

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbma
    Do a search and you will find it. It has been posted many times. If not here then the internet.
    come on, do you think i didn't do a search? are you sure it has been posted many times here? i did do a search.

    a forum is a faster way to learn, that's what a forum is.. it is kind of disappointed that whenever something is posted, people will ask u to google or tell u to do a search.. i didn't really got much tutorials from internet searching, got to get a book..

    but wondering any fast tips you use? i still don't really understand curves and levels.. I adjust feelings.. ha.

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    This may help get you started

    "The Power of the S-Curves"

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    Here's a quick tutorial on curves that you may find useful:

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    you should not get the scott kelby (CS2 book for digital photographers) as it does not have much stuff on curves.

    However, it is a USEFUL book for BEGINNERS as it has DETAILED instructions on how to do a lot of stuff in PS.

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    got i need to work on some books. Thanks for all your response.


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