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    Default Forum Software?

    A friend of mine is thinking of starting his own forum (don't ask me what it is about cos I don't know) and saw me surfing on Clubsnap one day and said "hey I like this forum's look and feel!".

    So anyone knows where one can get this forum software to start one's own forums? I understand that Clubsnap has undergone many modifications and customisations, but I suppose a "base" version is sufficient for him.


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    vBulletin is not those "free" forum software, so you've got to pay in order to use it.

    Some free and good alternatives include Simple Machines Forum. Avoid using phpBB since it has degraded into somesort of a security exploit harzard to servers. The host that I run [my] website on have removed phpBB as part of their software offering, citing security reasons.

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    maybe you can try phpbb2, perhaps most of the security issues are fixed?

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