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Thread: Nikon D70s or Canon 350D

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    Default Nikon D70s or Canon 350D

    hi all

    I'm very new into photography. only own a p&s sony cyber camera (2mp) so far. really want to get into SLR for a change. Yes, I know the cost is very high esp when u start to buy lens and accessories. but hey, i got to start somewhere isn't it.

    So, with all your experience and knowledge, which of the DSLR would you recommend. or maybe even any other DSLR you need deserve a shout as well, please state.

    also, very interested if there's a meetup somewhere (better if b4 PC show this saturday) so that I can ask more questions, view and gain knowledge, etc.

    been driving myself crazy on which to get. appreciate if you can spend some time on your recommedation.

    many thanks in advance/dan

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    perhaps you'll want to check out some of the previous threads:

    There's no right or wrong choice and neither camera is significantly better than the other. Others to consider would be cameras like the yet-to-be-released Nikon D50 and Olympus E300.

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    if you want to start, either one is ok. If you already couple lens down the road, and want to change that is problem. some people has both for backup camera. I like canon because of the jog dial on the back.

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    For me, I chosen Pentax *istDS.. reasons for Pentax? First, is the feel of the camera, it has a solid feel, second, is its size and reasonable priced lenses. (although it is tough to get 2nd hand lense here) and third, batteries.. it uses CR-V3 and AA batteries, which mean I can go overseas without my chargers...just buy litium batteries when it dried up..

    I was at your stage before, and well, I have a couple more lense like 28mm f2.8, 50mm f1.7, sigma EX 50mm Macro 1:1, sigma 70-300 APO.. and i will continue to build my lenses.. Having great fun with my DS.. but of course, the choice is yours.. regardless of what comments we made, you must be comfortable with your choice and please go test both your choice before buying or making any decision..


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    Welcome to the wild, wild world of DSLRs where your creativity will be unleashed.

    For a start, it would be good to do a bit of research on the Internet. Other than the venerable Google, it would be good to read up the cameras you're interested at DPReview or other repetuable camera review sites.

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    currently the pricing for 350D is not so attractive compared to overseas. The D70s is a better "value".

    Dunno why Canon haven't dropped their price yet in Singapore although overseas have dropped. My friend still waiting to buy the 350D but not at the current price.

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    buy nikon............................................. .............


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