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Thread: what a joke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2xpeter View Post

    I definitely don't mind kissing xmm, esp kei Chan. LOL. But if you ask me to kiss man affectionately, as in for sexual stimulation, I will merlion.
    So that's your own preference. Leave them to theirs. Stop being a bigot.

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    Default Re: what a joke!

    Thread closed.

    For members information, d2xpeter is referring to the recent legislature change in Canberra allowing same-sex marriages in that state. The picture of the two men kissing are of one of the couples that were married over the weekend when the laws changed.

    There are many views (for, against, impartial, etc) on same-sex marriages thus it is one of those hotly-debated issues in current times and I am all sure we have our own very personal opinion as such.

    Be that as it may, we do not encourage discriminatory threads/posts in ClubSNAP, thus this thread is closed as it is liable to deteriorate further given the visible trend.

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