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Thread: DMC-FZ5 deals at IT show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unseen
    oh ya.. at 400mm, the usual shutter speed required (for SLR) is 1/400 for a normal hand.
    panasonic claims to improve by 3 stops, which will slow it down to about 1/50 max.

    The lowlight condition in the halls should require something like 1/8s or 1/6s
    way too long for a "normal" user like us w/o tripod.

    OIS doesn't do magic, it only does wonders.
    That's right...1/50 sec I can still handheld without fail, 1/8 sec or 1/6 sec, sure need tripod lar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunky
    I guess they expected some customers to make noise which is why they don't have the camera in stock and worse, not even a demo set. Somehow it is funny they don't have stock out of a sudden and I believe they do not wish to argue with customers so it will be easier to tell them out of stock if the customers keep pushing them.
    wah..that very innovative method of managing potentially angry customers as long as the customer does not know this! i think they will only dare to put the camera back into stock once thier current "offer" period is over...

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