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Thread: Peleng 8mm Fisheye - Anyone ?

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    Default Peleng 8mm Fisheye - Anyone ?

    Anyone know about this russian made Peleng 8mm fisheye lense?
    of course i know it's quality MIGHT NOT as good as NIkkor or sigma...

    But from the bare eye without side by side comparison...
    i dun think there is "really a lot" different (maybe it was, jsut i'm nto sensitive over it)

    So, anyone of your used this lense before?

    How's the performance?
    any picture to share with?

    **please share with us ur setup ? what model of camera you are using with this lense? any problem encounter? can it be fully utilized til 180' degree ?

    i think this is a POOR MAN FISHEYE lense ( for me at least )

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    no body uses this lense b4?


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