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Thread: Building a PC for Lightroom

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    Default Building a PC for Lightroom

    I am trying to DIY a PC for lightroom 5.

    Currently I shoot full res Raw on 5D3, so I really need a fast file loading and processing.

    The current setup I have is
    intel i5 2500k
    16gb ram
    240gb ssd
    Photos are stored on a Sata disk on Raid 1 Setup

    I wanna upgrade to the curernt haswell cpus, the 4770K CPU, but I thinking if the LGA2011 4820K will be better for lightroom? I understand that lightroom is a CPU intensive program, and I would like to know which performs faster overall?

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    Default Re: Building a PC for Lightroom

    In my opinion, your current setup of i5 2500k will work fine. It is really incorrect to say that lightroom

    is an intensive program. It actually boil down to how you use the program & other factors would affect the

    performance as well, such as how a user customize the program interface, size of photo you editing, huge

    catalogue you have built up over time (e.g more than 10,000 photos per catalogue). etc. I am currently

    running i3 with lightroom 5 it works well, just remember that you have to hit the optimize button when there

    is lagging issue.

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    I think your current setup is more than enough for LR processing. More than decent speed, top RAM plus SSD are all very good qualities. The law of diminishing marginal returns will likely set in as you pursue your proposed set up. Costs would likely outweigh the benefits bro.

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    Unless you need to process time lapse, then consider upgrading. Normal photo processing, more than enough.
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!


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