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Thread: Where to buy M42, Nikon to 4/3 adaptor?

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    Default Where to buy M42, Nikon to 4/3 adaptor?

    Heard that can buy M42, Nikon to 4/3 adaptor in Hongkong. Quite cheap,HK$150 for M42 and HK$200 for Nikon. where can i buy them in sg?
    BTW, too hard to find OM lens in sg.

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    i think s'pore dun have. last time i stumble upon this shop in China town & the guy sells a M42 to 4/3 for ..... sorry i can't rem but definitely less than S$100.

    u might also want to check out the quality first before buying. the Nikon --> 4/3 i got is a Kindai brand. very solid.

    another more exp alternative:

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    I bought my M42 to F/T adaptor from Wong of Fotografix in Chinatown. Definitely less than $100. Tried a variety of CZJ and Russian M42 lenses with my E300 (from 35mm to 135mm). Works quite well. Quite pleased with the results.

    Too bad he doesn't have any other F/T adaptors.

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    oh great! i am looking for a nikon one too! airboy, want to order in together? can always ask guys ard here how to order in.

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    nikon one is too expensive for me. I just got a OM adaptor and am trying to get OM MF lens now.


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