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Thread: Olympus Mju mini digital

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    Default Olympus Mju mini digital

    does anyone know the current price of the above? would also like to know if it's a gd camera to hv. thanks!

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    around $400. it is a pretty good compact. main advantage is the weather-proofing and superb built-like-a-tank quality, no fear for knocks and water splashes at all.

    image quality about the same as your typical P&S compacts but you do get the nice and punchy Olympus colours.

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    Got 1 about 3 months back for $399 @ AP. Might be cheaper now with the release of the 5mpx model. (I take it you're enquiring about to the 4mp model?) Anyway, in a nutshell, it's small and easy to carry around.
    Start up time is decent, zoom is not that great @ 2x
    Battery is proprietary as well so you'll need to get a spare at least.
    Memory is troublesome cos of the XD format and my other stuff uses CF/SD.
    As mentioned above, weatherproof + sturdy metal housing
    You can also get a 3 meter casing for under a hundred.
    Unlimited movie recording (well, up to memory card size) is nice too.


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