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    Dear Experts

    I have got a D70s recently, I would like to purchase a UV Filter lens, firstly to improve overall shots, secondly to act a a first protector should from the original 18-70 lens deom scratches
    Please help by providing which is good and what price and also where to buy. A million thanks to all.

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    filter wont improve your shots. experience and doing your hw will. a good one to start with is Hoya or Tokina filters. get from CP or Lords

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    UV filter will cut down some haze, it will improve contrasts of some outdoor pictures, and so he is technically correct, at least partially.

    devilboy you can just walk into Cathay photo, Lord, or MS color and ask for the filter, Iím sure they will give a reasonable price to any walk in customers.

    Hope this help.

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    if i m not wrong, cathay photo sells 67mm uv for +-10SGD. Because i understand that the kit lens provided is the 18-70mm which has a filter thread of 67mm.

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    Thank you all you experts out there for reading and posting. Your information is very useful to me... THANKS


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