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    Default power limit

    whenever i connect my camera to the comuter, it will pop out a warning indicating that it has exceed the power limit. then i need to reset the usb after connecting. wad happen to my com and camera?can anyone help me solve the problem?

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    Are you connecting thru a USB hub?

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    U seem to be connected to a USB hub.

    try connecting it to the USB port on the back of your PC.

    hope this helps

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    wad is the different between USB port and USB hub?
    if i buy a cf card reader, will it help?

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    hub may or may not provide enough power to the external device

    its safer to transfer pictures via card reader than direct through camera body

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    Get a card reader its faster and safer.
    If the computer get shorted while your camera is connected to it then..... u got dead camera plus dead computer

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    The problem as some had said is due to your hub not able draw supply enough power for your camera to a stable connections. If your hub has options to connect to an external power adapter, this will solve your problem. If yours doesnt, you will have to plug direct into a unshared usb port.


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