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Thread: [im4ginary] my food trail

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherish123 View Post
    the red bean sesame pancakes look yummy!
    may i know which macro lens did u use?
    i don't have a macro lens. i usually use prime lens to take food.
    Hi~ I'm using Tamron 60mm Macro Lens...
    I've tried to take food photos with my 18-135mm lens but sometimes I feel like the macro lens can capture certain detail that makes the photo look more "appealing" somehow :X
    Canon EOS 70D

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    Dinner at the You Ji Duck Rice/Noodle stall at Bugis

    "dry" noodles

    "soup" kway teow (would've looked like ipoh hor fun if there wasn't any duck in it... haha
    I also realized much later that I could've turned the bowl a little to show the stall's name/logo in the photo
    Canon EOS 70D

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    At Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (Food Republic Wisma Atria)

    Asparagus wrapped in Pork Belly


    Shiok Maki (1st Gen)

    Pitan Tofu
    Canon EOS 70D

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