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Thread: How to enhance D70S picture color?

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    Default How to enhance D70S picture color?

    I just brought a D70S.
    However, after comparing the picture color of D70S to my compact Canon Ixus 3, D70S color seems to be rather dull and darker, whereas the blue and green in the Ixus 3 looks much brighter and richer?

    Could anyone kindly advise me how to enhance the picture color of the D70S?
    What are the parameters I should take note of?
    What is this "Curves" thingy that is suppose to improve the color quality?


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    Do a search, there are several threads relating to the color & curves usage already

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    try playing around with some paramenters such as EV...compensate by like 0.3 or even more to get over the underexposed pics...However be careful of blown highlights


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    There is a reason why the D70 appears darker. Read the following:

    There are many custom curve to choose from. This page gives an excellent comparison of the effect of some of the more popular custom curves. Give it a try!

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    Thanks guys on the advice.

    I have try to increase the EV and change the image to "vivid" mode, it does helps to brighten up the picture and improve on the red, green and blue color.

    Nevertheless, I will do a serch on the color and curves thread and hope to gain some pointers from the experts.

    Also, thanks for the links, jumbocrab.

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    Use Mode III in the custom settings if you're shooting landscapes etc. Colors will be better. For me I prefer to shoot using Mode II, so that I can control the colours in PS.

    The reason colours from your previous digicam looks more saturated and vivid is becos the cam handles the processing for you.


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