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It’s that time of year again! That’s right! It’s the time to be thinking about gifts for your favorite creative pro. As always, has the Holiday Gift Guide to serve as your shopping list. Compiled by Pariah Burke, there’s something for every budget and every type of designer in this year’s gift guide. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, please feel free to send Pariah just about anything on this list care of Stay tuned next week for the second part of this massive gift guide!

A unique new charger for smartphones, tablets, and iPods.
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iPad Air
The latest version of the iPad, just released in time for the holiday season.
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New Mac Pro
The latest and greatest Mac OS X computer for designers. Mac Pro will ship in December, but preorders are currently being taken.
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Pivot Power
Reclaim your outlets with Pivot Power, a flexible surge-protecting power strip that bends to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet.
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The Atom
Perfect for the 2-wheeled commuter, the Atom is a small generator and rechargeable battery pack that mounts to a bicycle, generating power from peddling. The Atom can then recharge or power virtually any mobile or electronic device via a USB connection.
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$50 (on sale)
Coin is a digital device the size of a credit card that holds and replaces all your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. The single Coin card can instantly switch from acting like your credit card to acting like your latest gift card. Pre-order only; ships Summer 2014.
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2014 365-Day Typography Calendar
Features 12 typefaces chosen by design legends from the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). Each typeface includes a brief description and a biography of its designer. All major holidays are noted, along with birthdays of the typeface designers.
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(5-Pack) Create playlists on Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks, and other popular music sites then share them via Sharetapes. Recipients only have to touch the Sharetape to the a smart phone with NFC recognition or scan the included QR code to begin listening to your playlist.
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PANTONE Eco Pencil Tube
Available in all four CMYK process colors, the PANTONE Universe Eco Pencil Tube comes complete with 6 graphite pencils and 6 wax colored pencils.
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House Industries Labels & Stickers
Contains over 299 typographic stickers adorned with House Industries' one-of-a-kind fonts. Including full alphabets, numbers, and symbols galore, these colorful labels are kissed with metallic flourishes and are perfect for personalizing packages, labeling books, decorating goodies, and more.
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Letterpress Cufflinks
Made from assorted sizes and typefaces carefully hand-cut and set in silver bezels.
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Typographer’s Mug
Highlights classic type styles, fonts so familiar they’ve defined our visual experience. Made from 100% bone China.
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Sharpie Stainless Steel Fine Point Permanent Marker
Refillable stainless steel Sharpie marker with laser etched logo.
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Oh, Crop Coffee Cups
Set of 4 stackable mugs with white exteriors and yellow, orange, green, and blue interiors.
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Wood Collar Stays
6-pack in choice of eight styles. Each stay is made completely by hand and hand-sanded to a super-smooth finish. Truly something every gentleman needs for looking his best.
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Anti-Comic Sans T-Shirt
A funny but true shirt for graphic designers and people with good taste in typography—Friends Don't Let Friends Use Comic Sans—the worst font ever! This print features a tasteful and colorful Helvetica Neue Heavy and is available for men, women and kids. Available in several styles and many colors.
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Well Kerned. T-Shirt
Good design begins with fine typesetting. Celebrate the art of character spacing with our popular release, Well Kerned. Available in men’s and women’s styles and either black or white fabric.
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Crop Tool Earrings
Crop symbol dangle earrings. Laser cut out of 1/16th inch white acrylic. Hung on simple silver fishhook style hardware. Design is about 3/4" tall. Hangs about 1 1/4" from piercing.
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Replica Gutenberg Wooden Press
This miniature masterpiece is worthy of Gutenberg: a replica of his printing press in solid wood. The carriage and spindle are fully workable and the press can be taken apart or fixed with wedges. You could actually print with it! A great item for playing with, taking apart and reassembling and for demonstrations. Comes assembled in a box. 12 x 16 x 18 cm.
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GoPro Hero3+ Camera
Billed as “the world’s most versatile cameras,” the GoPro Hero3+ line lives up to the name with the ability to use and mount the camera nearly anywhere, from bicycle frames to skydiving helmets. It’s the perfect camera for action-oriented creative pros.
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