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Thread: Extra thin filters for super wide angle lens?

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    Default Extra thin filters for super wide angle lens?

    For those who own 17mm or wider super wide angle lens, do you use multi-coated filters which are much thinner to avoid vignetting?

    How much vignetting presents itself when using normal thickness filters, especially polarisers, for super wide angle lens?


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    It all depends on the lens, I use an old Nikon 20mm (UD nikkor) with abig front lens and uses a 72mm filter. When I use ONE (even a thick) filter it poses no problems.....but it may differ with your lens......just try it out yoursefl, use a filter, set lens at closest distance and at smallest aperture and close the aperture using your camera. If you use a digital take some shots and check the corners of the full image......

    If you use a film camera: take some slides with it after pointing the cam to the sky. Again with smallest aperture and at closest distance......

    BTW: you can't see the full 100% image with most cameras (only if you have the higher end cameras are you able to see the 100% image on the focusing screen). I have an F2 so no problems, no need to take pics to check.......I believe the later high end cameras also have 100% viewing....

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    I use regluar thickness filters (Lee/SinghRay) but not in a circular format. Instead I use 4x4" (100mm square) filters. No vignetting problems with single filters and ultrawide lenses thus far.
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