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Thread: MilkRun 2005 - Calling for Volunteers

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    Default MilkRun 2005 - Calling for Volunteers

    GlennYong has started a thread earlier on this, but this new thread is to make the call for volunteer photographers for the Beyond Social Services more concrete.

    Beyond Social Services -

    Milk Run -

    The Milk Run, a fund raising cum annual youth day celebration event, will be held on the 3rd July 2005.

    I am Volunteer Photography IC for that day (ha! just got promoted), and I need Volunteer Photographers to help me with the following stations.

    -VIPs (coming and reception)
    -Concert (incl prize-giving)
    -Start and Finish
    -On route (at least 3)

    1. The entire event will be from 8-1830, but I probably need you from 1130-1815 on that day. You need not come for the whole day, but you do need to let me know your timing committment. If you are interested in shooting for perhaps, the concert only, then do try and be there for at least the entire concert.

    2. You may deliver the photos to me after you've picked them, or you may just send the entire bunch to me. Credits will be given to any photogapher whose pictures are used. How Beyond will use them, will be mainly for their website, and perhaps promotional material for the next run. Credits will be given - do check out their webpage. If you're concerned with your copyrights, drop me a note and we can discuss the relevant issues.

    3. This call is entirely voluntary. It helps if you're there, not just as a photographer, but there also as a Human Being to Interact with the Kids and Youths and Counselors, apart from just taking pictures. They're no angels (I mean, which kid is.. apart from your own, of course ), but they are very very positive!

    Further details will be delivered via the mailing list that you will be put on once you respond with either a positive yes or a tentative yes. Therefore, I need you to PM me with your e-mail address n your response.

    See you all there that day, either as a volunteer or as a participant!
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    tentatively put a slot for me. i'll need to confirm my timetable...
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    PMed u.....

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    Check ur PM dude

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    I have send you a PM

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    I have to go as part of the school's cip. So actually i m taking photographs for my school's update.

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    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    Sorry for not updating this forum. Kinda caught up with interviews, and preparations for my student exchange come Aug to the US.

    We're 8 strong, and 2 tentative. Thanks to all who've PMed me their responses and for updating the excel file. I'll get back to you before middle of next week with definite plans and details.

    There's always room for more volunteers. Always

    Allrighty then! till then.


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