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Thread: LTA to charge ERP charges on SAT!

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    BBTM, do yrself a favor, don write to that guy...when he reply u, u sure cough blood one, give u dock answer.

    not too long ago, i wrote to the Police bcos I saw a Police car speeding, more than the speed limit...i provided the vehicle no, time, and road ... and guess what's the reply after about 3 weeks??? - cannot trace the driver.

    i say wtf, what must i do, stop the police car?? then Police replied, no need to stop, just take down vehicle no, time, and place....nb ..blood boiling liao.

    after a few exchanges, the last replied is that that Police Car was not in the vicinity that i reported... so u see, even policemen are not truthful

    my advise, don waste time writing in...must as well write to the newspaper forum

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    Me post idea here. Sure got some fellow happen to see it and will write in. On top of that, my english aren't that good and so, i better do myself a favour, don't write. Right?
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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    errr...u taking back my ers/nss oredi???? shucks....

    ERP issa evil...
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    Bo bian..
    we dun do strike here..
    Bad for economy the govt says..

    I will take thomson road via newton or PIE then Woodlands then my place at Sembawang.

    I hate driving to work, pay $3.50 on the way. Come back jam for 1hr+.
    So I usually wait hang round town when I drive, after 10pm, then Thomson road, CTE that time also jam lah..

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