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Thread: Esplanade : No Photography Allowed? Ridiculous!

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    Default second thoughts

    hmm..maybe i'll try when i get IPPT gold

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    Originally posted by AMDer

    u should have apporach Lee about this matter...maybe he will bring it up at the next parliment...
    guys..start making a big banner for Clubsnap...we are going on air..

    cannot lar...the security guard ask me to go away, this is the only shot i manage to took before he told me photography not allowed, more than 10 security guards were around at him at that time. they were on high alert like that....look around for anyone suspicious, even after DPM Lee left, one of them still around watching
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    Default ooh!

    oooh! big mr lee...maybe he won't notice one poor photographer..but he'll definitely notice 200 poor photographers.

    begin the human wave of shutter release clicking, aperture opening, auto-focus using image loving freaks.

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    I think the poor security guard isn't to blame. I mean the poor chap is simply trying to do his job which is to follow orders from above. As for being friendly, I guess he should try to be, but then again what if you have guai lan pple who insist on making your life difficult? Then surely must become like bouncer. And maybe the latest restrictions could be due to sept 11 worries?

    Anyhow I think the idiots to blame should be the management level pple cuz the orders come from them. And I frankly think writing in to the ST is a waste of time, have you seen the official replies by the authorities to all those complaint letters? Damn farny in how they catergorically sweep away the complaints. anyhow bottom line is as much as you think you have a right (esp since taxpayer money goes into building the durian) but they do OWN the building and like it or not we're powerless if they don't allow us to shoot inside it.

    I think Sulhan has a great idea in swamping the place, would be fun to do but must consider all angles of it before doing it, like can kena arrested or not?

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    Here's my shot of the Esplanade from within.

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    Default Kodak Express@The Esplanade

    I think the photo developing shop is for the convenience of guests who are at The Esplanade to catch a performance

    After a day of sight-seeing or a family outing, the
    last item on your list is to catch a concert or a play
    or have dinner at the Esplanade. Can just drop
    off your film and collect it as you leave

    The shop being there isn't really relevant to
    whether or not we are allowed to take photos on
    the premises - agree?

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    Read today's Life papers, there was an article on how "popular" the Esplanade was for:

    Tourists, and did I mention that there was a word "camera" there?

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    It is normal human behavior not to allow
    anything that you build with pride to be so easily
    seen by the world. This is something that is
    born in us that I could not explain in a few words.

    Many photographers or people holding a camera
    were asked to leave and told that photography is
    not allowed in areas like "Low Pa Sat", Raffles City,
    private residential/commercial buildings and so on.

    We cannot blame them but a few years later, nobody
    cares for it is impossible to stop all people holding
    a camera to take pictures at any one moment.
    Once there was a saying: "New broom sweeps clean".

    A tip is to imitate what the pro photogrs do and
    you would have got what you want. If you want
    to be a photographer, you have to think.

    Camera manufacturers spent millions to help
    photographers but photographers isn't benefiting
    because of ignorance and their refusal to put on the
    thinking cap.

    Just a light hearted note only

    Everybody has had years trying to acknowledge
    the skills required to identitfy the symmetry of
    of the right and left brain. Go and get to work right now.

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    give it a break lah...i mean whatever it is, it is still a modern piece of architecture that cost hella-lot of money....wait till its official opening and see what happens...when the plants are not fully planted, dust not cleared....would u let people take photos of your newly created house if the last speck of dust is not vaccumed away?

    i think its a KS mentality that you'll only want to show the best side...and i doubt you can "cover" it up something that size...

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