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    Default In Praise of the Olympus E-System...

    I came across this interesting article by Dutch photographer Erwins Puts who is a respected commentator on Leica equipment, on the Olympus E-system.

    He said that Olympus created the OM System with the stated goal to emulate the quality and compactness of the Leica M-system in an SLR guise in 1970. And the E-System is their equivalent for the digital era and is created based on the concept of combining a small format chip with dedicated lens design to achieve excellence in image quality.

    His comment that a modern D-SLR with 10 to 12 MP and a lens designed for 35mm photography or a lens adapted to the APS capture circle may not produce better results than the combination of a small sensor and a dedicated lens design like the E-system of Olympus is certainly thought provoking.

    Also, his comments on the Zuiko Digital lenses explain what we have already observed about the quality of these lenses :

    "The lenses for the E-system are indeed outstandingly good. The published MTF graphs show a contrast transfer of more than 70% for 60 lp/mm. This is much better than what (as example) current Leica lenses in the same class of focal lengths can deliver."
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    nice read but the author didn't mention or he didn't know the biggest quality contribution of ZD lenses comes from the 2x optical rez compared to film lenses. he only mentioned about telecentric & the mount.

    since i have tested Nikkors & OM 90mm, i can confidently say that this higher rez is the main contributing factor to the ZD lenses' superiority, not so much about telecentricity.


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