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Thread: What are must visits in Stockholm?

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    Default What are must visits in Stockholm?

    Will be going to Stockholm for business trip and will have 1 or 2 days spare time.Anyone been there before? What are the must visits for a photographer? Thanks

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    Make sure that you walk around the old town (Gamlestan). Also check out some of their historic sites and older restaurants which often have a very quaint atmosphere.

    If you do get a chance to sail out into the archipelago you will be guaranteed some amazing scenery. You might also get some nice shots of hot air balloons above the city. Also check out the harbour area and I believe the Hasselblad factory has tours if you have free time during working hours.

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    Thks deepict!

    Anyone else has any recommendations? Thanks.

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    Wah, someone going for business trip yeah?
    Really, bro, we should catch up!!!

    Remember to bring back some nice photos!

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    Default late still haven sleep ah? we should catch up man you when i come back from my stockholm trip..
    I am trying out smugmug..just uploaded some pics..check it out ..

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    Pretty good photos!!

    Will be expecting your contact hor...seems like you are the busy one, easier for you to initate a meeting.

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    haha..thks..yups..will call you..nasi lemak man..


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