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Thread: PLUG #3 - June (Discussion & Enquiry Thread)

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    Default PLUG #3 - June (Discussion & Enquiry Thread)

    PLUG #3 (June)

    Date: 04/06/05 (First Sat of June)
    Time: 1pm
    Theme: Landscape / Sunset / Boats / Kelongs
    Shooting place: Changi Broadwalk
    Meeting place: Maybe somewhere in the east first, will have an exchange tips session there, then about 3, we make our way to Broadwalk.
    What to Bring: The weapon of your choice... Lumix Sniper Rifle prefered, all other weapons are welcome too. Tripods (Don't forget this, else can forget about taking good sunsets)
    Contact Person: Lifeworld (Ivan), Josh Ong, Francis Tan and Hong Jia.

    This thread is meant for discussion and enquiry.
    Please use this thread for discussion regarding PLUG #3.


    Anyone knows of a good meeting place before we can procced to Changi Boardwalk.

    Thank you.
    Hong Jia

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    Up, Upz and Away....

    Here is the contact list in case anyone need to contact the main characters for the outing

    1. 97428181
    2. 98582001
    3. 97775014
    4. 96337018
    5. 93880430


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