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Thread: what is the best way to convert 4:3 ratio to 3:2??

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    Default what is the best way to convert 4:3 ratio to 3:2??

    how do you guys convert 4:3 ratio taken on your DC to 3:2 ratio to be printed to 4R size??

    i have taken a large collection of photos and thinking of whether i can do batch conversion easily......if so what software can i use?? photoshop??

    if i don't crop it myself, where do those color lab crop??

    top, bottom, left or right side??

    i m thinking of sending to a color lab using fuji frontier machines.....

    thanks for any advice..... i m sending out my prints for the first time......

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    Normally I'd crop.. and cropping is best done by manually by yourself, or the lab. Usually a good lab will take the effort to at least do some decent cropping, but it's best you do it yourself.

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    hi YSLee,

    what software do you use?? photoshop??

    do you create a layer with the 3:2 ratio mask as a guide to crop off the unwanted portion??

    seems very tedious process and not very precise; and i have lots of pictures...... any easier way??

    i m quite new at this...... so thanks for any help....


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    Selection tool, select 3:2 ratio, and crop.

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    thanks a million....


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