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Thread: CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda!!!

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    Default CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO AMANDA for coming in the Top 10 in the Initial-D Race Queen Competition in Beijing!!

    As Amanda will be leaving for Beijing again to compete for the Top 3 placing in the finals, SLCC would like to organise another Photo shoot for Amanda before she leaves.

    If Amanda makes it to the top finalists, she may be offered a contract to act in a upcoming film. If she decides to take up the new offer, we would have no chance to shoot her anymore.

    We are suggesting that Amanda try out different themes other than the Race queen one.

    So if anyone is interested in shooting this upcoming hot star Please go to AhV 's thread

    and register quickly!!!!

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    Congratulations to Amanda for coming into the Top 10. All the best and hopefully you can get into the Top 3. We will be proud of you and will always remember the girl with that big sunshine smile and sexy long legs!
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