Uncle ricohflex made my day
In your attempt you create some neutral assessment again you show your biased view and misdirect from the actual issues (the lousy driving skills and manners of the driver with camera) towards irrelevant questions whether one can stop on the road shoulder and other gibberish. My question to you: Does wrong-doing of one person (the male, as you judge it) makes the wrong-doing of another person (the driver behind) less wrong.. or even right? What came first here: the recorded driving like a dud or the controlled stop at the road shoulder?
Well, I don't advocate 'road lessons' while driving on the road. We see enough of these wannabe instructors who claim the right to teach others some manners while failing with their own ones. But here I sympathize somewhat with the driver in front. And the fact that the lady just stopped behind him to wait and see just confirms her mental capabilities as already indicated before in her way of driving.