Camera Rental Centre is proud to announce the launch of our new exhibition space - Gallery at CRCSpaces.

In collaboration with Wall Your Photos, presents What I See When I Run Botanical Portraits, the first solo exhibition of Francis Ooi.

What I See When I Run Botanical Portraits is a collection of eight contemporary botanical portrait prints inspired by 18th century illustrations of horticultural specimens. Juxtaposing simplicity with intricacy, What I See When I Run is an intimate rediscovery of what little nature is left in the increasingly urbanised environment.

Francis Ooi is the Creative Director of DDB (Tribal) and a photography enthusiast. In a bid to refresh his living space, He turned to nature for inspiration; conceiving the idea of botanical portraiture during his frequent runs at the Bukit Timah Forest Reserve trail.

Exhibition runs from now till the 31st of Dec this year; and all prints are for sale.

Admission is free.

See you there!