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Thread: Camera shop in KL near Genting

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    Default Camera shop in KL near Genting

    I will be visit genting soon. Was thinking of finding some time to take the bus from Genting to go down to KL. (1st time visiting Genting and KL)

    Anyone know any reliable camera shop at that area? I am thinking of going there to find Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 lens. Hoping to get a good price from there.
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    depends on which part of KL your bus from genting stops at.

    i'd avoid pudu like the plague if i were you.

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    There's this shop at Sungei Wang mall at Bukit bintang area which is quite popular. Called Boeing.

    Mid valley mall also has one or two recommended by malaysia forum folks.

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    Visit photomalaysia forum or lowyat forum to get an indication of the price. I'm not sure if it is cheaper getting from Malaysia.

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    Default Re: Camera shop in KL near Genting

    Just make sure no one robs you of the new lens.


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