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Thread: Hi everyone (Also where to buy film?)

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    Default Hi everyone (Also where to buy film?)

    Just signed up to the forums, was recommended to me, I'll be in Singapore for 10 days from the 1st of November. It's my first time, I'm coming from Australia.

    Main camera is an RB67, what's the best place to buy 120 roll film, and how much can I expect to pay?

    I generally like to shoot Kodak colour negative (Ektar and Portra, dislike 400H etc), and also many various types of B&W films.

    I'll also be attending AFA.

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    Default Re: Hi everyone (Also where to buy film?)

    Welcome to Clubsnap. Please take your time to browse through the forum to see which special sections there are already. This will give you lots of details without waiting for answers. Secondly, posting questions into the designated forums helps others to find them, help you to answer them or benefit from the collective knowledge
    The section you want to check is called Before Digital, Beyond 35mm


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