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Thread: Circle of Light Gathering #04, May 05

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    Default Circle of Light Gathering #04, May 05

    Hi all,

    We're here again for the next exciting gathering in May 05. In the last gathering we're thrilled by Mr Thierry De La Rue shared his passion on B&W nude and fine art photography and Mr Leonard Goh shared his experience on "What I saw at Bangladesh" during his internship with Ahmed Shahidul at Drik agency.

    May 05 promises more excitement in our line up of programmes for our gathering. The details are:

    Date : 29 May 2005, Sunday
    Time : 1300 to 1600hrs
    Venue : Epsite Gallery
    3rd Floor, Wheelock Place (above Borders Bookstore)


    1. Talk by Mr Matthew Ang on Infrared Photography
    - Mr Matthew Ang has a very strong interest in digital Infrared (IR) photography. He will share with us his passion on digital IR, How to take digital IR and the digital workflow. You can see his works at

    2. Talk on Infrared Film Photography

    3. Print Critiques
    - As per all gathering, please bring along 2 B&W or monochrome print for sharing in the print critique session. The size of the photos should be at least A4 or 8x10 inch so that all present can view without problem.

    4. Photography book review
    - Mr Zhong Lin of Riceball ( will introduce photography books and reviews.

    Pls sign up and put your name if you are keen to attend the gathering.

    Now for the payment part. For confirmed attendance, please deposit S$5 into my POSB account. It's a POSB saving account number 126-01657-3. Please put your nickname or actual name in the transfer so that I know who send me the money. After you have transferred the money, please drop me a SMS (65 98468051) to inform me of your transfer. Please transfer the money by 25 May 2005. Thank you.

    For easier management, please sign up your attendance HERE

    List of attendees:

    1. biscuit

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    Upz for the B&W community!!!

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    Upz - dun miss out on this thread...

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    Upzzz - for Black & White ...
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    List of attendees:
    1. biscuit
    2. oszzy
    3. Vivien Yap (Jeff's fren)
    4. Jcryan55
    5. Stefyxz
    6. Robin (jeff's fren)
    7. Rusty
    8. yymun

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    Updated list .....

    1. biscuit
    2. oszzy
    3. Vivien Yap (Jeff's fren)
    4. Jcryan55
    5. Stefyxz
    6. Robin (jeff's fren)
    7. Rusty
    11.seng syong

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    So how did it go? This must be the nth time I missed the COL gathering....


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