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Thread: Bags to use for cycling n keeping camera?

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    look like all the bags here are those without compartments for water reservoir
    anybody cycle with water reservoir and camera equipments. if yes, what bag u using?

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    i have 2 setups..
    1.) if I'm shooting with a lot of my gear
    i have a dedicated water bag and nova 4 aw.
    Use a belt with the shoulder strap. The nova4 will stay on your hips at the back.

    2.) if i shoot light, DSLR with kit lens and maybe a flash or 1 other lens.
    I use a deuter bag with water res compartment. I put commercial packing sponge at the bottom of the bag into a U shape. Lens in a lens pouch, flash in it's own pouch and DSLR with lens right into bag. If you don't understand this set up, I can take a pic to show you tonight.

    Setup 2 is very good for photo-trekking trips as well. I'm more of an outdoor person so I need a properly trekking bag as against camera bags that I can hardly squeeze in other stuff like a first aid kit which I cannot reach when I need it most urgently.
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    Ok, say you have a backpack for the camera, how are you going
    to carry the tripod? I got into a lot of trouble before with a bag
    and a tripod while cycling. Inventors need to seriously consider
    how to merge the two carriers into same bag. :P

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    does anyone know where to get the inserts for bags?

    went fallfactor to ask , they dun carry it.
    Haven't really check out if crumpler has those.

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    as i m a cyclist too
    so packing the camera in and protecting it well is the first priority
    of cos it will be even better if it comes with a water compartment

    bonus - looks good too!

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