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    I had just purchased a new Canon E350D. And i was told tat i can get a spare and "compatible" battery from 3rd party. May i know will this 3rd party battery selling a quarter of the original price damage the camera? An original battery will cost $90 and 3rd party is $30. Any advice? Thanks.

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    don't think it's a problem. Lots of people use 3rd party batts.

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    You can use your original battery as main work battery, only use the 3rd party battery when you are desperate, eg out in the wood with no power point.
    Nowadays the new camera and original battery can last a very looooog time already.

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    I have 11 batteries, 3 Canon's and 8 3rd parties, various makers, alll working fine. I actually had 12, the 12th was a Canon original that refused to be charged anymore All batteries are more than 2 years old except 1 of the 3 Canon originals, which is less than 1 year old. Go get 3rd parties!
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    Thanks everyone for the advice.


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