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Thread: Advice needed to set up exhibition

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    As in the paper recently, the goverment raise the issue of Singaporean abuse of child prositution oversea, I would like to put up an awareness photo exhibition on child prositution in Cambodia. I will be on a mission trip to work with these kids who have been rescured in June. But i have no experience in what is needed to pull this off. How do i get sponsers? How do i get the venue? What do i need to prepare beside the photos i will be bringing back? Can any experience CSers give my some guide?

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    Default Good Idea

    Hi Christwings,

    A very Good and Noble idea
    It will give us a better insight into the less fortunate and the plight of others in more backward countries. I hope you can come back with some emotionally moving pictures.

    This is an interesting read for setting up an exhibition ...

    I think one of the starting points would be the "mission organiser" - the person who is putting together this mission for you to go there to do the work. Then from there to branch out to other consumer / commercial companies. You need to do a lot of leg work and cold calling for this ...

    There are a lot of venues (both free and paid) ... just have to think where you want your exhibition and what kind of impact or traffic flow your want your exhibition to get.

    I am sure there are other people in CS who have done their personal exhibitions. Maybe they would like to come in to suggest how to go about it ...

    Best of Luck ...



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